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Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

IT Managed Services by Watson IT Solutions moves the stress of managing your network and servers out of your hands and into that of a professional you can count on. Watson IT Solutions will monitor your network and servers for outages, updates, and problems, knowing when something is going wrong before you see the impact.

With Watson IT Solutions Managed Services we will set up your network to alert us when a change happens so we can quickly address the issue, minimizing your downtime. We will be able to remote in or come on site quickly and fix the issue.

How does Managed Service Help You?

How does Managed Service Work?

Managed service is a monthly or yearly agreement between you, the client, and Watson IT Solutions, to manage your IT infrastructure. Watson IT Solutions will setup your network to be monitored via remote software that will alert our team of any issues that arise. On top of that Watson IT Solutions will run monthly checks, updates, and reports on the status of your network and servers.

Managed Services is much more than a break\fix option. By spending the money to have us monitor and prevent problems before they arise, you can rest easy knowing your team and clients will not experience down time, keeping you working.

Types of Managed Services We Offer

Server Management – We will monitor your servers, update the applications as needed, and keep them running. In the event one does go down, we will come to your location and fix the issue.

Help Desk Services – Do you have staff that need help with their workstations? We can remotely connect to their workstations when they have an issue and repair it quickly. You and your staff can rest assured that we will be available to help you when the problem arises.

Full Systems Management – Want to make sure your servers, applications, and network are running efficiently? We can monitor real time analytics to ensure you are running. Let Watson IT Solutions proactively identify and solve issues before they cause downtime and impact your business.

Facts of IT Managed Services

Myth: Working with an IT services provider will be too expensive.

Fact: Outsourcing IT tasks can actually be less expensive than hiring a new employee. Especially when you consider that the service frees up your current IT team to work on more strategic projects that can positively impact your bottom line. Most providers will also offer tiers of service, so it's possible to find one that works within your budget.

Myth: The MSP will be too controlling.

Fact: In any services provider relationship, the customer is ultimately the boss. Even if you engage the managed IT service provider as a virtual CIO, your company should always have the final say in any decision.

Myth: IT services should be handled within the in-house IT team.

Fact: A managed service provider acts as an extension of your in-house team. By taking some of the day-to-day tasks off your IT team's plate, an MSP frees them up to do more strategic work.

Myth: My company is too small to work with an outsourced IT provider.

Fact: Small companies usually need a managed service provider even more than a larger company might. These small companies typically don't have the capacity to manage these IT tasks in-house, leaving them vulnerable to costly downtime and cybersecurity breaches.

Risk Management

Be assured that your IT Infrastructure is in good hands with Watson IT Solutions. We will be proactively monitoring your infrastructure, which means we can get ahead of issues and have a strong working knowledge of your needs.


Watson IT Solutions firmly believes in protecting not only our clients' networks, but their data and information also. We will not share your information with anyone or store any of your documents on our network. Be assured that Watson IT Solutions is 100 percent dedicated to you, our clients.

Find out how managed services can help you

Computer Repairs

Watson IT Solutions can provide both software and hardware repairs to your computer.

Computer running slow?
Think you have a virus?

Let Watson IT Solutions diagnose and optimize your computer today!

IT Project Management

Looking to upgrade your systems? Looking to find ways to increase your bottom line though utilization of technology? Watson IT Solutions can help lead your team to the future with IT Project Management. We will work with your team to find the best solutions for your business needs.

Wireless Networks

Wireless has become an integral part of our networking needs. We can help with business solutions that are secure and work with your active directory authentication along with creating secured and segregated guest networks. Watson IT Solutions can help you determine the best wireless options for your home or organization.

Microsoft Office 365

Let Watson IT Solutions help you move from your current email provider to Office 365 and gain the benefits of the full Microsoft Office 365 experience. With Office 365 you can ensure your emails are being delivered securely, backed up and retained, and limit the spam you are receiving.

Watson IT Solutions can setup your environment for you to manage or manage the environment for you. If you need to recover an email, setup a new user, or setup security we can take care of all of that on a day to day basis, freeing up your team to focus on the items that matter most.

Backup Solutions

Do you want to make sure your important data is backed up and secure? We can help. We will help you find the backup solution that is right for your organization. In the cloud, on a local server, or off site, we can make sure your needs are taken care of.

VPN Configuration

Are you looking for ways to work remotely with the same productivity levels and security as your home office? We can help! Let Watson IT Solutions find the best way for your team to work anywhere and any time!